I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back!


Did your guys see it the new Vogue Hommies Japan? I did, it’s the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan 2012, with models Alexander Beck, Alex Michels, Jesse Shannon, Rafael Perez, Allen Taylor, Arthur Gosse, Jamie Wise, Simon Van Meervenne, Jordan Stenmark, Zac Stenmark, Dae Na, Hao Yun Xiang, German Ruiz, & Justin Halley. Photographed by Terry Richardson and styled by Nicola Formichetti. Getting all these men to the producer of this shoot, scheduling all those guys would be nearly impossible but I am impressed. The theme for this issue is “Boys Town “.The issue is out March 10 2012

The Queen of Pop did it again or should I say The Queen of Egyptian.

OK so I’m sure some of us seen the Super Bowl earlier this month. I didn’t, but I made sure to see Madonna’s half time performance, witch was amazing! “I watched it like five times” Well she sang some of her best classic hits like Vogue, Music, Express Yourself, and her new single, Give me all your Luvin, featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A who appeared on stage with the star. The best part was her wardrobe witch was a stunning series of bespoke Givenchy Haute Couture creations by Riccardo Tisci, designed with a melange of themes that embraced both Roman gladiatorial style and the elegant excess of Egyptian queens.

So this is what she came out in a gold cape with all-over hand-embroidery, gold metal cut-out pieces, studs, crystals, sequins and paillettes, lined in leopard-print chiffon.

And she ended it with like a prayer in a black coat in silk cady, hand-embroidered with shiny black rectangular sequins and micro-pearls.

My favorite would have to be the over-the-knee boots, a mini black silk dress and golden Roman-inspired skirt over the top, and a short leopard printed cape in silk charmeuse hand-embroidered with gold metal cut out pieces, studs, crystals, sequins and paillettewith and toped off with a golden headpiece witch was custom made by milliner to the stars Philip Treac. All in all it was one of the best half time shows I’ve seen in a long time, and also one of the most stylish!


A Halloween costumes to consider

Ok so this year I am invited to 4 Halloween parties, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in about 5 years, But this year I really wanted to dress up and even better I knew exactly want I wanted to be. So this fall in one of my fashion classes we had to design a prom dress inspired by the 18th century and well I was doing my research I kept seeing the men’s fashion from the 18th century. I’ve seen it before and I’ve taken a History of costume class, but this time I was falling in love with the 3 piece suit from that time. The waistcoat, knee breeches and some black shoes with gold buckles and a nice 3-cornered hat and I’ll have to throw in a white wig. I no don’t have the strength to design one this year I’ll need more time and want it to be perfect with embroidery and using silks and satins fabrics, and my coat fully lined dah! But I want to make it with love, not on a time crunch. SO 2012 Halloween watch out because I’ll be a 18th century man with BIG hair.


So V.MAN Winter 2011/ spring 2012 with James Franco on the front cover would have to be an Issue I’m just in love with. Maybe it’s because, it’s men’s fashion, and I am a man or that I love fashion. No I think it’s something more, I just feel that men fashion sometimes, dose not get acknowledge as fashion, art, a way of life, but more as just clothes, like jeans and a T-shirt and your set to go, No I just hate that way of thinking for men’s fashion and I wish it would just stop. I want to share with you, what V.MAN had in there spread for this decade’s issue.

1930 Ralph Lauren
Photography by Benjamin Lennox, Styling by Tom Van Dorpe

Fashion is a timeless from of expression, and we always seem to be looking ahead, lionizing the new, craving what’s to come, the codes of menswear that have been handed down for generations. In theses pages we acknowledge the other answer to that enduring question, what makes a man: not just his clothes, but the man before him.

Our modules are, Sam Frederick, Charlie Timms, Michael Tintiuc, Paul Boche, Nicola Wincenc, Baptiste Radufe, Milo Spijkers, Matt Terry, Ethan James, Linus Gustin, Aiden Andrews, Jacob Wiechmann, & Taylor Gannon, Reid Prebenda, Elvis Jankus, Vladimir Ivanov, Luka Badnjar, Ryan Schira, John Ruitenbeek, Lowell Tautchin, Anthon Wellsjo, Dmitriy Tanner, Ian Mellencamp, Justin Bravo, German Ruiz, Kem Walker, Phil Moller.

1940 Louis Vuittion, 1950 Dsquared, 1960 Prada, 1970 Gucci

1980 Dolce&Gabbana, 1990 Calvin Klein, 2000 G-Star, 2010 Jil Sander

Layer up

It’s already that time of year, time to pull out your coats and scarves. Its cold out guys and we need to layer and keep warm well still looking cool. Thanks to the latest fashion trends, it’s all about heavier weights, from your socks to your topcoat.

· Do a double breasted topcoat it will hug your body and keep your warmer.
· Approach to trying a scarf: tossed-off, go with a longer scarf so you have enough length to nail the knot.

(Take note, “the slipknot”, fold a striped scarf in half, hang it over the back of your neck, and thread the tails through the loop.)

· GET SOME BOOTS. It’s totally within office dress code, and is still the smartest way to get to work when the streets are running with slush or rain.

· PUT YOUR HAT AND SCARF ON MEN! We can all agree that it just looks silly when we see men who think they are just too tough to dress as warmly as possible for winter. Having the flu is not cool.

· I’ve said it before do a wool tie a shiny silk tie just doesn’t jibe with corduroy.
· Suiting up is all about PROPORTION so well your all dressed up nice and warm, you might want to get a chunkier shoes-with a no-nonsense rubber treads-everything’s of a piece. They might get a little beat up but hay that’s the point.

· Yes, it’s sweater vest time; it’s an easy way to mix in some doldrums-shattering hits of color.

· As for underwear layer long johns under your suit. we like the breathable kind too.

What combos do you want?

So lets work with something that is a big deal. Shirt-and-tie combos, now most men throw on any tie with with a boring white shirt, STOP doing that your a big boy so it’s now time to challenge yourself. Start working with some COLOR, PATTERNS, AND STRIPES. Trust me you feel good and people will tell you, you look good!

· More dope them dull..
A gray-pattern mix is the suavest way to boost your fall suits- even your oldest one.

· Pattern mixing.
Now with mixing patterns many men can go wrong and it could become a disaster. When your mixing two patterns contrast the tones, light shit, means your going to work with the dark tie.
One pattern should be the loud mouth, and the other should be the soft spoken one. Think of your shirt-and tie as a couple.

· Won’t you do wool?
You should definitely buy wool tie and give the silks a vacation. A few good wool ties are what every man should have in his closet.

Living a Double-Breasted life!

SO there’s word that the double-breasted look is back and better then ever, I’ll cheers to that. In GQ’s October issue they predict a return of the bigger brasher looks of the ’70s. I think anything that can make a man today look good and feel good is a beautiful thing. So will go over some rules on how to work with the new double-breasted look.

1. Work with a bolder peck.
Every suit featured here is a peak lapel. It’s a crucial part of better personality for the double-breasted look.

2. How do you feel about a wider lapel?
The rules of a double-breasted are different. Get used to a wider lapel then on your single-breasted. Anyways that’s the part that will give you that ‘70s vibe you’re after.

3. Six buttons, of course.
We’re classicists in the front in almost every case; we enjoy the six-button jacket.

4. Try a tweaked shape.
The key to a double-breasted macho look is strong shoulders that taper to a narrow waist. If your jacket is just too boxy, you must have your tailor take in the sides for you.

5. With the length, go shorter.
The double-breasted looks alive and full of life once again because designers have modernized the cut, truncating the length of the jacket.
6. Make the double-breasted casual with Denim.
Have your denim Elevate, make sure every other detail looks polished and clean from your wingtips to your pocket square.

7. Don’t ever do double-breasted twice at the same time!
If you need a coat go with a single-breasted topcoat. The double-breasted is back in style but your never want to stock one on top of a double-breasted.

How can you be Mr. Put-Together

OK so we all know any man can wear a suit, but not all men know how to wear a suit. There are rules with wearing a suit like, what shirt can be worn with that tie?, or Is this shirt to dressy for this suit?, and Does this suit make me look old? Let me give some simple steps on how to wear a suit and still look your age.

1. Go bold with your shirt and tie or go home.

Live up your dreary office with confidence – in a tie that packs a punch of bright color. It will make you stand out from the army of men who pair there shirts with a dark tie.

2. Get in a committed relationship with the right collar.

To be on point today, try wearing a spread collar, that’s the new standard shirt and will be for the foreseeable future.WARNING THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DONATE ALL YOUR POINT-COLLAR SHIRTS OUT!

3. Did you know that not all pocket squares have to be white?

Now some guys are trying to be hip to the white pocket square. I dare you to raise them one by stockpiling an arsenal of patterned versions, but if you do, try it with one that is off colors in your shirt and tie.

4. There’s no need for your backpack, you’re not going on a hike or the gym.

Now there’s is nothing wrong with a backpack, but we all have to admit with a look this polished and clean why not use a briefcase. It shows that you’re a professional man with some serious business to attend. I don’t think your backpack will do that for you, right?

5. What time is it? Time for you to buy yourself a watch and stop using your cell phone.

When you rest your hands on that conference table, a refined watch will make a big statement.

6. If you feel you can do it all, well try stepping up your game with your socks.

Neutrals like gray suits and black shoes beg for a jolt of color. Also argyle can be your best friend when it comes to socks and a striped sock is nothing to a man who can pull off double monk straps.

7. Now it seems like you look like a respectable man.

Go out there and roll your shoulders back. Straighten your spine. Chin up. Your suit commands respect and will get it.

From GQ Magazine.